KBS Happy Together’s Late Night Snack Shop (해피투게더 야간매점)


There is this very popular Korean TV show called “Happy Together” (KBS).  I love watching this TV show because 1) I love Yoo Jae Suk (Korea’s one of the most popular TV host) 2) I love their “Late Night Snack Shop (야간매점)” section.

This is a variety talk show where bunch of celebrities come out and share fun stories. And recently, about a year ago, Happy Together added this small section called “Late Night Snack Shop” where celebrities introduce recipes and compete with each other. The winner’s recipe gets selected as one of the official Late Night Snack Shop menu. And there has been over 300 recipes introduced and about 100 recipes were added to the official menu. 

Image(Park Myung Soo, one of the show hosts, trying the recipe)

There are 2 strict rules about the Late Night Snack Shop recipe.


2) The total time of cooking should be VERY SHORT (usually less than 10mins?)

So, as a college student living in an apartment where the fire alarm system is very sensitive (which means, it is hard for me to cook), the recipes introduced in the show are PERFECT for me. 

Late Night Snack Shop became very popular among the Korean viewers and the recipes are introduced in various Korean blogs. The show’s popularity allowed KBS to publish a book called “Late Night Snack Shop” which assembles all the recipes (the winning ones) that were introduced in the show. And I thought it would be nice to have recipes on WordPress as well so that these cheap, short, and yummy recipes are shared by EVERYONE from EVERYWHERE. 

So, hopefully these recipes are helpful for those who are 1) Korean Food Fanatic 2) wanna try Korean Food 3) college students 4) can’t really cook very well or anyone! 

Enjoy. Bon Appétit. 맛있게 드세요 (Mat It Ge De Se Yo; “Enjoy” in Korean). 



2 thoughts on “KBS Happy Together’s Late Night Snack Shop (해피투게더 야간매점)

  1. Hey I’m a big fan of Happy Together Late Night Snack. So happy to find your blog. 🙂 I have yet to try any of the recipes but I wrote some of them down. Btw do you know they publish a Late Night Snack book? Do you know how to get them?

    Looking forward to more recipe from Happy Together in your blog.

    • Aww Thank you so much!
      I love Late Night Snack Shop as well! And especially, being a college student..their easy, fast recipes really really works for me when I miss Korean food.
      I know they published the book but I think it is only available in Korea. 😦
      I’m definitely gonna share more recipes on my blog. So please visit once in a while 🙂

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